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?NDEC.23, 2015  Anaeropharma Science released a series of conference presentations in respect to the new drug delivery system to produce Immune Checkpoint Blockers inside hypoxic tumor.  Company Web Site

?NNOV.25, 2015  JST assigns Watervein as the promotor to a new project developing Inhibitor Cystine Knots(ICK) peptides by a novel phage display technology for therapeutics targeting ion channels by Dr. Tadashi Kimura, AIST. News Release(JST START program)

?NNOV.19, 2015  Ipsen and Interprotein enter into a research collaboration and €165 million option agreement for novel peptides in endocrinology. Release

?NSEP.15, 2014  MEXT assigns Watervein as the promotor to the project aiming therapeutic applications of Adrenomedullin, a human peptide hormone, by Dr. Kazuo Kitamura, Department of Internel Medicine, Miyazaki University.  News Release(MEXT)

?NJUL.18, 2014  MEXT assigns Watervein as the promotor to the new type-2 diabetes drug development by Dr. Kazuhito Tomizawa, Department of Molecular Physiology, Kumamoto University.  News Release(MEXT)

?NJUL 10, 2014  The research findings of Kinopharma's Nobel Antiviral Drugs is published in "The Journal of Clinical Investigation".   The Journal of Clinical Investigation  

?NOCT.10, 2013  MEXT assigns Watervein as the promotor to the new vector technology for the next-generation cell reprograming being invented by Dr. Mahito Nakanishi, AIST.
News Release(MEXT)

?NAPR.02, 2013  Anaeropharma Science announces the initiation of a phase 1 clinical trial of APS001F, a living recombinant bifidobacterium to express the cytosine deaminase gene, for patients with advanced and/or metastatic solid tumors in the United States. 
News Release

?NFEB.02, 2013  Drug discovery deal between Interprotein Corporation and RaQualia is featured in the Top Story of BioCentury on February 1, 2013. BioCentury

?NFEB.20, 2012  Anaeropharma Science secures follow-on 2.2 billion yen funding from INCJ. News Release

?NDEC.27, 2011 Interprotein Corporation enteres into an Agreeement with Takeda Pharmaceutical in the field of Small Molecule Inhibitors against Protein-protein Interaction. PharmaJapan

?NNOV.21, 2011 Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. and Interprotein Corporation Sign a Joint R&D and Commercialization Agreement for Small Molecule PPI (protein-protein interaction) Inhibitors. This is the Second Collaboration Tie-up between Two Companies. Release

Sep.14, 2011 US NIH's Recombinant DNA Advisory Committee make a Recommendation for Ph.I/II study of Anaeropharma Science Cancer Drug Candidate APS001F. RAC Meeting

?NAUG, 2011 A Kinopharma's Compound could be a Potent Anti-virus Drug Candidate against Dengue Viruses for which there is No Effective Cure, See NEWS.

JUN. 2011 Interprotein has outlined the company's Platform Drug Design Technology called "INTENDD" in its Web Site.

?NAPR.13, 2011 Interprotein is Qualified as a Participant for "Space Open Laboratory" at JAXA (the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency)
for its Small Molecule PPI (protein-protein interaction)  Inhibitor Programs. Japanese Release

?NFEB.10, 2011  Carna Biosciences, Inc. and KinoPharma, Inc. Sign a Joint Research Agreement for Drug Discovery for Neurodegenerative Disorders.

?NNOV.01, 2010 Anaeropharma Science fundraises 700 million yen - Capital Contribution by
Innovation Network Corporation of Japan (INCJ).

?NOCT.01, 2010 Interprotein and LegoChem Biosciences sign collaboration agreement to develop VEGF inhibitor to treat solid tumor

?NOCT.01, 2010  Eisai and Anaeropharma Science Conclude Agreements Concerning the Novel Anticancer Agent APS001 and a Drug Delivery System Using Bifidobacterium Longum.

?NSEP.27, 2010 Interprotein Corporation and Ajinomoto Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd Sign a Collaboration Agreement on Drug Discovery Research.


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